Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Me

My dad sent me this lovely little walk down memory lane this morning. That is cute little me, second to the right in the back row (yes, the one who can't quite seem to manage to get her arms up over her head). Second to the left in back is miss Sari Ann Mitchell and on the far right is a Miss Allison Levy. Aren't we adorable?

Hiking by the Sea

A sunny day by the sea is always a lovely thing, but oh how we love love love those gray and mysterious days. (The Washington Coast is quite good for that, really.) The wind whips around the cliffs, howling as it goes, lonely and lovely all at once. The stories of the lighthouse keeper's wife who "could no longer bear the constant howling of the winds" and threw herself over these cliffs comes readily to mind as you stare down from the top to the raging sea below.

We love to hike, taking in new and different scenery (or in this case, old and familiar). Hikes that throw in a bit of history?  All the better. The hike to and from (returning on the lighthouse keepers trail) is always a favorite of ours, and the girls have been quite on my case for not sharing with you the pictures from our most recent trip there! So here you go!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mikaela's 13th

One of Seleia's bff's turned the big one-three, and did the girls ever have fun at her party! Water toys, balloons, and guns..cakes, cupcakes, candy, a pinata...a fun and festive way to enjoy the late summer heat! Even Dad and Dashiell had a great time. Friends, fun and sun, who could ask for more?

Elora and the Slip n' Slide

For those of you who may not know, little Miss Elora can be very....well, enthusiastic. (She will either be President or an aerobics instructor. Seriously.) When she met the giant Slip and Slide at a friend's party recently she could not get enough. She ignored the cake.  She ignored the candy.  She ignored the games. She didn't want to miss one glorious second of sliding down a hill on a giant sheet on 6 ml. plastic. (Note to self: next year don't buy a Slip n' Slide-ours barely got used- go to the Home Depot and buy a roll of plastic sheeting.  Who knew?). She organized slip and slide games and got entire groups of kids going in lines while holding hands. There were tangles of kids all running and going together at her instruction. General hilarity ensued. Ahhh, simple pleasures.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Family Portrait

The Juhala Family, as drawn by Elora Kay.  Left to right: Melanie, Joel, Dash, Elora, Amarra, and Seleia Vaughn. Aren't we lovely?

Monday, September 19, 2011

His Last Baby Day

It has gone by so quickly.
And I am still so in love with this amazing, beautiful little man.
My heart is overwhelmed when I think that tomorrow (at 2:22!) my little preemie, my little miracle baby, will be one whole year old. He is funny, sweet, loving, adventurous, and tough....we simply cannot imagine our lives without him.
I am so grateful for the gift of this precious child.
Happy Birthday, Dashiell Monroe!!
You are loved beyond measure.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Live long and, well, you know...

Elora has been working hard at her customary Vulcan greeting and is quite proud of herself.  I love my little geeks-in-training.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This Evening

 This evening was just one of those nights. Too hot to get much of anything done, the swimming pool beckoning us after dinner. We skipped the dishes, headed outside, and enjoyed what is sure to be one of our last summer evenings this year. Sleepy baby soaked himself in the kiddie pool almost immediately, so skinny dipping seemed the way to go. He splashed and played and squealed with glee before heading over to cheer on his sisters' lively game of 'monkey-in-the-middle'. And cheer he did, with great enthusiasm. Then he crawled around, explored, and was happy to find a lone plastic dinosaur, left behind from one of yesterday's games. After climbing on and off of the little tykes picnic table a few times, greater mischief soon found him and, after checking if anyone was looking, he headed for his favorite thing...the stairs. After reaching the top he surveyed his little kingdom and found, right at his feet, three little pots full of glorious dirt.
He played with it, talked to it, and had the best time any little boy could possibly ask for, before finishing the evening off with one very thorough bubble bath and falling fast, fast asleep.