Friday, February 3, 2012

Poor Baby!

My week has largely looked like this. Ambulances, hospitals, and tests, oh my. Little man has a good case of pneumonia and was having a lot of trouble getting oxygen. There were scary, "we think we may see" type test results and a lot of sleepless nights. Today, for the first time, Dash seems to have some, albeit cranky, personality back and isn't totally lethargic. He's even eaten twice today, yay! So we're on the mend. But I realize I've been MIA from the blogosphere. Sometimes life just knocks you off your feet for a bit. When Little Man is all better, I'll be back. Hope to see you soon!


Who am I... said...

He looks SO sad here...poor guy!

stephanie said...

Oh poor little thing!! oh he always looks so happy and pleased with himself its a lil heartbreaking to see him like this x

Steph, memyselfandkhai