Monday, February 13, 2012

Wizard Checkers

I may not be the biggest fan o' the Mall, but right outside Macy's is the coolest giant chess/checkerboard I've ever seen, complete with playing pieces. Elora played against Team Seleia/Amarra and the game came down to one king each, chasing each other around the checkerboard, before Elora finally let Amarra jump her so we could actually go to Macy's. Even the onlookers enjoyed the game, as Elora actually jumped over, ballerina style, each piece that she jumped and Amarra did a little victory dance each time she captured a piece and got to carry it off of the board. Seleia, of course, had a great time walking around the board telling Amarra what to do. Good times had by all.

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Anonymous said...

Now that looks very cool, i've seen the chess ones but never checker pieces. very nice.

Steph, memyselfandkhai