Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Nativity

This year our church held it's 33rd Annual Singing Christmas Tree. I had the pleasure of singing in the tree again, but it was even more exciting because our whole family got to participate! The last few songs are always accompanied by a live nativity scene, and Dashiell played the part of baby Jesus for the opening show! He was perfect, all sleepy and smiley! The girls were in all 5 performances, changing back and forth between being angels, wise men and shepherds each time. (Elora and Amarra spent the first show gathering hay and feeding their stuffed sheep....quite funny!)  Joel was a very proud Joseph and was very moved by having his whole family together celebrating the birth of Jesus (especially after all that we went through for the birth of Dashiell!). What a lovely blessing!

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Saerwen said...

Merry (late...very late) Christmas! :)