Friday, December 3, 2010

Zoo Lights

The day after Thanksgiving is what is known at our house as "ZOO LIGHTS DAY!"  Every year we Celebrate the beginning of the Christmas Season with a trip to the Oregon Zoo. This year, Uncle Jesse came along with us and joined in the festivities! We start off the evening with a ride on the lit up and decorated zoo train ... always a favorite. From there we wander the zoo and marvel at the beautiful lights that are everywhere. This year there were a good amount of new lights, too! The special glasses (we have about 10 different pairs) you can view the lights through make it seem as if there are thousands of lit up stars, hearts, snowflakes, smiley faces, snowmen, aliens...just take your pick....and make it even more entertaining. Dash, to the amusement of many people, slept good and sound through his first trip to zoo lights, but we had the pleasure of watching the girls' faces light up in sheer wonderment over and over again! (And then the pleasure of the girls falling fast asleep on the journey home...) Happy Holidays!!!


J+M+S said...

FUN TIMES>>>So wish our zoo did this!

Fiona Everest said...

I am jealous and I love the pictures! ;) Btw Elora, I love your hat *grins*

Fiona Everest said...

Did my comment show up on the other comment? If it didn't, I am sorry!