Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Into Mischief

Look at this boy. He knows he's up to no good, you can see it on his face.  And he loves it.  Dash is seconds away from crawling and I. Am. In. Trouble. A determined Little Man scooted his exersaucer over to my desk and started opening drawers.  I came in to see what was going on because I heard him giggling uncontrollably. He was positively drunk with his new-found power. I told him no, closed the drawers, and scooted him away.  A few moments later....more maniacal laughter from Little Man. Two drawers open, papers being pulled out, knobs being chewed. Another no, close, scoot. He sat there eyeing the desk, and then me. Then the desk, then me. And then he turned to me with his biggest "I am sooo cute Mama, you could never be mad at lil' ole me" smile. And the worst part? He's right, of course.  Things are about to get really interesting around here.


Who am I... said...

Not sure if I commented on this one or not but I LOVE the story, so fun!

Fiona Elizabeth Everest said...

How cute! :)