Friday, May 20, 2011

A Little Bit Of Sun

Today there was a large, foreign, shiny round thing in the sky....over the course of this spring we had almost forgotten what the sun looked like.  After months of 45 degree rainy weather, today was gorgeous and almost eighty; we couldn't resist letting the girls run through the sprinkler and cooking dinner over the fire pit.  Dashiell loved every minute of it (as long as someone was paying attention to him) and kept scoot/crawling his way across the blanket in an attempt to eat some grass. (Can you tell its been raining so much we haven't even been able to mow the lawn? But I did finally get a chance to get my garden most of the way in. Yay!) Elora managed to turn her skewer into a sword and vanquished all of the evil in the hay around the fire pit...phew! (Amarra and her orange hippity hop kept making me hear the singing kangaroo in my head..."hop, hop, hop, hop, whaddaya SAY?!") Miss Seleia is turning into such a such a young lady.  She color coordinated her swimsuit, shorts, towel and sunglasses. *sigh* She reminds me of me. We were told "Best.Dinner.EVER!" and then roasted marshmallows before the fire completely went away. We're soooooo ready for summer!!