Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Few of His Favorite Things

 Dashiell's number one favorite thing: this book. "The Zoo". It is literally disintegrating. He loves all books, but this dollar store number takes the cake.

 Second most abused (I mean loved?) item in our home: Mama's Star Trek toys. The best (worst?) part is that they talk. You can regularly hear Dash crawling through the house with one hand going, "Red Alert! Red Alert!" each time it hits the ground and the other repeating, "Captain, we're being hailed." From his mouth you might hear a slightly muffled, "I'm giving it all she's got, Captain!!" at the same time.  Or maybe, "Kirk to Enterprise." You always know just where he's better than a cat bell.

 "Baby move it move it" and "Vinny". Vinny is by far the best use of felt scraps I've ever had. And apparently he and his little giraffe are delish.

 Juice can lids. Good times to be had here. I'll never fully understand the appeal of these things, but, boy, have my babies all loved them.

 Melissa and Doug dinosaur magnets. The lower half of the fridge has become expressly for Dashiell's dinosaur play, but you can regularly find them in the kitchen, in the dining room, in the living room, in the hallway, stuck to his toy bin, stuck to the front door, in his mouth....

 This lizard. We have about a hundred plastic dinos and reptiles, but he likes this one.  Also apparently delicious.

 The pegs from his little wooden workbench. Or as his sisters call them, Dashiell's cigars. He could give a rip about the workbench, but oh the wooden cigars....

Well, Dash. Favorite car toy extraordinaire.

Honorable mentions:

Pots and pans. He loves to ski around with each hand grasping a lid as it slides along the floor and he walks along behind them, little bum in the air.

Toilet paper. Or as Joel calls it: the other white meat. Also a tasty treat.


Who am I... said...

Haha..the other white meat!!

QCharmaine said...

lol...I remember the days when my boys would eat...well, anything they found on the floor. Those Star Trek toys are awesome.