Friday, September 30, 2011

Hiking by the Sea

A sunny day by the sea is always a lovely thing, but oh how we love love love those gray and mysterious days. (The Washington Coast is quite good for that, really.) The wind whips around the cliffs, howling as it goes, lonely and lovely all at once. The stories of the lighthouse keeper's wife who "could no longer bear the constant howling of the winds" and threw herself over these cliffs comes readily to mind as you stare down from the top to the raging sea below.

We love to hike, taking in new and different scenery (or in this case, old and familiar). Hikes that throw in a bit of history?  All the better. The hike to and from (returning on the lighthouse keepers trail) is always a favorite of ours, and the girls have been quite on my case for not sharing with you the pictures from our most recent trip there! So here you go!


Who am I... said...

Love all the pictures of the precious clan! Looks like so much fun!

QCharmaine said...

Gorgeous pictures, as always!