Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dashiell Meets the Pacific Ocean

We got to the beach last week right before sunset. It was breathtaking. Joel grabbed Dash (I grabbed the camera.  Priorities.) and we headed out to the surf! Did Dashiell ever loooove those waves! If these pictures had a soundtrack, it would be Dashiell squealing with glee and the rest of us laughing at his sheer delight! He wanted so badly to catch those waves, but wasn't overly delighted with the temperature when Daddy finally let him get hold of one! He quickly forgave the ocean for being so cold and went right back to squealing at it and waving his arms and legs all around. We played on the sand all the while the sun set (I'll share more pictures tomorrow, since in all fairness Dashiell was not the only child there...) and came back for more the next day. I think it is safe to say, though, that Dash officially loves the beach. (He just fits right in around here.)

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Who am I... said...

Silas says "we would need a plane to get to Auntie Latte's house so I can mop for her" and he thinks Dash is big now.