Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Le Jardin

I managed to take some pictures of my garden a few weeks ago (Here you go, Sonya!) but this is the first chance I've had to post them. This has been such a short gardening season, but I'm hoping that this recent heat wave (though we've got nothing on the rest of the country, I know) will give our crops a little boost before Autumn comes to stay. This last purple flower is such a fun plant...one I've never done before.  They're called burgundy bush beans, and the beans themselves are the same lovely jewel tone as the flower. When you cook them, however, they turn green! Talk about getting your kids ton eat their veggies...nothing works like a magic trick! I've got a few of my year round herbs in pots on the back patio to spare them from the yearly tilling, such as sage and rosemary, and Joel has a barrel full of horseradish growing as well. (Let me tell you, nothing beats fresh horseradish you picked that day with your steak!) But out of 15 tomato plant so far we've gotten....wait for it....
Ta-da! This guy. He was delicious, but I'm hoping some of his friends will ripen up before we have to have a fried green tomato frenzy. We've had a total of two big ol' zucchini and millions of peas. Elora has been my dutiful little pea sheller, we've had a lot of old fashioned fun together!
Here's hoping for some more produce! How does your garden grow?

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Who am I... said...

Gorgeous!!! Love it all...and miss Elora is a doll!