Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Sauce With A Kick ~OR~ The Accidental Success

This past Friday Miss Seleia blew us away performing in a melodrama written and produced by her group at Northwest Children's Theater, all aged 8-12. It was hilarious. So. Much. Fun.
Seleia played the part of SP Money who, along with Rona Zoni (played by Danielle) were the "dumb sidekicks" to the evil "Tony Spaghetti #66". They tried to sabotage Mama Marinara's cooking school (which educated the likes of Bella Bologna, Pete Za, Mac A. Roni, and Lolly Pop). In the end, Susie Ratatouille saved the day and Tony Spaghetti and his goons ended up in food jail (for attempting to open a fast food chain...KFC for Ketchup Fried Coconuts....loaded with trans fats, "which have been outlawed for decades".) SP added concrete, chili peppers and fireworks to her batch of sauce...and when they attempted to try it the fireworks went off...bright lights, smoke could tell these kids had a lot of fun writing this play, and they did a great job! (Their teacher/director Suezann Kitchens truly knows how to get the best out of young performers, and you can tell that she loves what she does!) Seleia was the youngest in her group...the only 8 year old...and she really stepped it up and held her own with the big kids.  We're very proud of our big girl!

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Who am I... said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Great pictures and such an amazing job by Seleia!