Friday, June 3, 2011


Today was bee-you-ti-ful. Sunny, warm, glorious! This afternoon the kids and I jumped in the car and headed to the lake (to take advantage of it before everyone and their dog heads there tomorrow!) and had so. much. fun! We weren't really planning on swimming, but I brought plenty of towels, (because you never know!) so when the girls asked if they could swim in their clothes I said yes. Seleia asked, "Really?" a few times to be sure I indeed meant what I said before going all the way in. (I figure they can handle the 4 mile trip home sopping wet just fine.) Dash and I laid on a blanket in the partial shade and enjoyed the summer weather and watched the girls splash it up in the water.  When Elora headed out to kayak, some well meaning people started telling me how "it doesn't take much water to drown, was I sure she was okay? Shouldn't I go out there? I better not let her go to far!" I just smiled.  Then they watched her swim to an overturned kayak, right it, climb aboard and grab her oar. Off she went, quite adeptly. There was a stunned silence. Then I heard, "Well, would you look at that. Huh."  There was more staring as Seleia joined her and they began racing back and forth. "Look at them go! Hey, they've done this before. Wow, looks like they know what they're doing!"  I just smiled.

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Who am I... said...

I totally think they thought she was younger than she is...petite little thing. Looks like a blast!