Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Little Actresses

A new quarter of acting classes started up this week, and this time Amarra, finally six years old, was old enough to join in. She was so excited...asking, "How many days till my acting class?" every day for about 10 days leading up to her first day. She will be performing with Elora in Cinderella's Mice, a fairy tale from the mouse perspective. I am extremely impressed with Amarra for taking this class, as she can at times be paralyzingly shy (UNlike her big sisters). She wouldn't quite say lines onstage without help during auditions, so she is thrilled that her part will be small. But the real story here is that she auditioned. She got onstage and said lines.I am so incredibly proud of her. I actually tried a bit to talk her out of taking the class because I've had so much fun with her during the girl's classes, but to no avail.  Now it's just the boy and me. But he's pretty fun, too, so I suppose I'll get by.)
Seleia, running around in the bright orange shirt up there, will be performing in The Creature in the Classroom, a play based on and primarily written in poetry. The lines she has brought home already are hilarious. I love watching her laugh every time she reads them.
Performances are March 9th, people! Mark your calendars!

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