Saturday, January 21, 2012

Their First Games

Friday night was a very big night. Seleia and Elora had their very first basketball games.  Said Seleia, "I want to keep playing basketball forever!!". Even Elora made a basket! More than one parents commented, "Wow, that kid can dribble!" which is something she practices every day and was excited to see pay off. (I bought the girls their own basketballs a couple of weeks ago.  Elora has slept with hers more than once.) Seleia was a very enthusiastic, vocal player ("I'm OPEN!")who gave the game her all. (And as I've admitted before, the iphone ain't that great with action shots.  Next week I'll try to remember to take an actual camera!) I. AM. SO. PROUD.  Elora took a basketball to the nose, and as this game was all 7 year old girls, the ref took a time out and gave her a it...but she got right back in there and played hard. Seleia made a few baskets and had a few close ones but never quit beaming. They're already counting down the days till next Friday's game. Truthfully, so am I!


Anonymous said...

What is so great about these pictures is that you captured the FUN they were having! And they look like they really know what they are doing! I am impressed with my girls! ♥♥♥♥

Devyn said...

As a female basketball coach, this made me very happy to read. Growing up the words girl and basketball did not go together. There were actually no such thing as girls basketball shoes! Watching my team play and reading things like this makes me happy to know how much has changed. <3