Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Audobon Society

Can I just say WOW? We had such an amazing time learning at and hiking through the Portland Audobon Society Sanctuary. We hike and camp a LOT and spent a lot of time out of doors, but to find this amazing ancient forest literally two minutes out of Northwest Portland was such a surprise!! A few of us home school families (Uncle Jesse, our resident bird expert, joined the kids & me) spent the morning learning about birds, their calls, their habitats...and it was so much fun!  We started with some bird and bird call identification before heading on a gorgeous hike through the sanctuary.  I cannot express how beautiful it was, and pictures do not do it justice!! We hiked woodpecker trail, bluejay trail...listened for birds, spotted a few and found some friends like newts as well. We'll be heading to Powell's for a new bird guide and picking up some more binoculars very soon.


Heather said...

Was this Collins Sanctuary? If so, that is where the Friends of Trees plant all of their gift trees (like the one that Emma bought in memory of my Grams)!

I've heard it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful..... jealous! <3 Mimi

Who am I... said...

Love love, wish we had those big trees close!!:)