Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SonSurf Beach Bash Day 1

One thing the girls count down to every June is definitely VBS.  Last year, I was teaching Elora's class when suddenly Tuesday morning I ended up in the hospital and pretty much stayed there. All year long I've heard this very sweet, "You know, Mama, last year you promised to teach my class, and you didn't."  So this year, I'm, umm...teaching Elora's class. I'm not a sucker or anything. And wow, we've got 31 in our second grade class and attendance today was 199 children. Talk about nuts! (okay, more like very, very organized chaos.) I can't believe my girls have gotten so big that Seleia is going in to 4th grade, Elora in to 2nd and Amarra into 1st. They were just toddlers! Anyway, we've got our assembly, classroom time, snack, song & choreography practice, bible games, outdoor recreation, crafts, and another assembly. Quite the jam packed 3 hours. I love that I get to see Seleia and Amarra throughout the day when our classes cross paths and that they run over to give me a kiss, or give a giant, "Hi, Mom!" wave from the stage when they see me. They've got old friends, new friends, and can't wait until tomorrow!