Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nature Class!

Outdoor education is so much fun.  I always learn something along with my children (or occasionally from my children). After hiking learning about the birds and bats and all manner of flying creatures, we headed in to a classroom to learn about everyone else that they share the forests with! Coyote, deer, raccoons, beavers...we handled their pelts, antlers, skulls, bones, footprints...learned about their habits and habitats.  (For instance, I did not know that they knew the difference between antlers and horns, and was astounded when Seleia asked if deers had a pump for their blood in their hooves like horses do.  Horses have a pump in their hooves?) And headed to the Wildlife Care Center to meet some American kestrels, turtles, a turkey vulture, a spotted owl, a red tailed hawk, and see what they do to rehabilitate animals to their own environment when possible and care for them when it is not. Seleia, debating a veterinarian career, was full of excellent questions. Something else that is so cool? Hiking with the kids elsewhere afterwards and having them recognize footprints and bird calls.  They can't wait to take their nature guides camping them next week.  I love that they love learning.

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