Monday, June 6, 2011

Walk For Life

This weekend Miss Seleia and I participated in the Walk For Life, an annual fundraiser to keep Life Hope operating.  They provide essential services (even food, clothing, etc.) for mothers-to-be, mothers, teens, families, low income name it.  They are much needed in our community!  Seleia raised $150  in donations to walk two miles around the lake.  Thank you again to those who sponsored her!! (Here she is with our group of stragglers...children and pregnant women among us.)  The turnout was quite impressive! The support from local businesses was amazing...Burgerville leading the way.  (Literally.  They fed us and showed us the route for the walk.)  She was so proud to do this thing for her community, and I was so proud of her for doing it!!


Anonymous said...

We are very proud of you Miss Seleia! To care about others and to do something to help is a wonderful example of Christ to the world! We love you, PopPop and Mimi

Who am I... said...

YAYYYY!!!! SO proud of you Seleia!! Looks like a blast was had!