Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Calerpittars

I love schooling our children at home, I truly do. Every little moment becomes teachable if you just pay attention. Right now there is big excitement as Amarra's caterpillars are getting ready to move on to the next stage of life. It seems in a week or two we'll have some painted lady butterflies to provide entertainment. I didn't tell the girls what variety of caterpillar (or "calepittar")Amarra had, though, they chose to look them up in "the butterfly book" and figure it out themselves- which they did correctly! Now we're learning all about butterflies around the world, from the egg stage on, and picking our favorites (all of them) while learning why they are so different from moths. Soon we'll pick out a few butterfly-attracting plants to add to our backyard and put our butterfly houses (feeders made by the girls at a Home Depot kids workshop) back out for spring. For now, though, we'll be watching these little guys form their cocoons (I wish you could hear E & A say it....more CA-coon with the a pronounced as in apple. I refuse to correct them just yet.) and waiting for them to emerge with wings!

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