Monday, March 7, 2011

Safe and Sound

Our little man is home and doing well. To those of you who have been praying for Dashiell, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are overwhelmed by your love and support.
For those of you who are unaware of the circumstances, Dash went white, limp, and stopped breathing yesterday after vomiting severely. It all happened very suddenly, and he had not fallen or been exposed to any toxins. Jim Keller, a Woodland Police Officer, was the first responder after we called 911 and he took over for me, talking to Dash and agitating him enough to get him to take occasional breaths. We are forever grateful to him.....he stopped by today to check on little man and make sure he was alright. The firefighters and paramedics were amazing as well. Dash was non-responsive yet they worked hard to get his oxygen levels back up and stabilize him enough to transport him. We thankfully live close to a pediatric ER, and by the time we got there in the ambulance our pastor and friends were already there waiting for us and praying. Many people showed up, prayed for our baby, and gave us support. Many others prayed hard from where they were and sent us messages of love and encouragement. Before too long he began breathing regularly on his own, his color came back, and he became alert. His EKG and other tests show no damage. He has improved drastically and is now home, smiling, active, and hungry. We will follow up with his doctors appointments, yet have no doubt that soon he will be 100% back to his little self and thriving.
We are so blessed.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

UPDATE: It is determined that Dash did not have a seizure. It looks as if he may have some issues with his GI tract. He will be having a CT scan today (March 9th) at 3:00. We appreciate your continued prayer and support.


Anonymous said...

God is good - all the time! I love you all! Mimi

Laura M. said...

He is such a little blessing! We are so very thankful he's doing better!