Friday, March 18, 2011

Little Red Pictures...As Promised!

I. Am. So. Proud. Seleia and Elora both had such a wonderful time and did so beautifully in their performance of The True Story of Little Red at Northwest Children's Theater last week. Seleia, as  "Deer", was sooo expressive and had the opening line in the play! Elora, as  "Squirrel", didn't miss a line and was completely adorable with her little "squirrel hands". In the play, the Wolf set the record straight as to what really happened at Grandma's house that fateful day, and how the animals had all decided to teach that bratty, lying Red a lesson about her ways. Bear was played by their good friend Danie and Rabbit was Elora's "boy friend", Aiden. It was adorable. Afterward we celebrated with a barbecue for all of our wonderful friends and family who came to support the girls.  All around, a lovely day!( I can't wait for the dvd of the play to arrive............)

Photos by Sarah Silliman

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