Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mr. Mobile


We've entered a new phase of babyhood: Mobility. Dash isn't crawling yet, but that  isn't stopping him.  He is sitting up, rolling around, and scooting to wherever he seems to think he needs to be. On occasion he entertains us by yelling at his target until he finally reaches it. I figure it's the baby version of trying to use the force.......Dash is having a grand ole' time!
(Taking pictures of a moving target is getting tricky, let me tell you!)

For those of you waiting for updates on little man's health, he is doing well.  He has moments where he has difficulty breathing and has to gasp for air, so we keep a close eye on him. Something is definitely awry with his system, but we seem to be out of the life threatening stage and we now know what to keep an eye out for. We're still dealing with red tape, but will see the pediatric specialist soon. Thank you for your continued prayer for our little guy!

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Maralie said... the pictures!!!:) We are now blogging again, but it will be different!:)