Friday, April 8, 2011

Ancient Egypt

Yes, we traveled to Ancient Egypt yesterday! (In the TARDIS!) Okay, so we went to OMSI (The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry), Seleia's favorite place.  Seleia had a lab on the physics of sound (more on that later!) and after we all headed up to the Lost Egypt exhibit (Elora's words? "VERY cool!") where we met "Annie", a mummified mystery 16 year old girl who was embalmed after being found dead in the Nile River 2,000 years ago.  (I must be rather morbid, I was a tinge disappointed that she was completely wrapped in linens.) Big Sis asked about a million questions while her sisters wandered around learning about hieroglyphics and the use of mirrors to create light inside a pyramid. We're dragging Daddy back to explore Egypt more thoroughly very soon.

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