Friday, April 15, 2011


Spring is...trying. We're hoping for a bit of sun this weekend as we head to the Tulip Festival! For now, though, if I want a bit of sunshine I have to create it myself! Tulips are my favorite inviting, with a promise of things to come as they slowly change from a shy little flower to a lovely, open work of art. (Side note: Elora will be playing the part of Pinky the Tulip in her upcoming play Finding Spring and was ecstatic to be cast as Mama's favorite flower!) Every time I walk past these flowers my spirits get a little lift and I can almost feel the sunshine coming.  Almost.


Painting Techniques said...

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Anonymous said...

I love tulips too - though I prefer white ones - so elegant! If only you were in Georgia, spring has been here for weeks! But, alas, so have the spring tornado warnings, which is why at three in the morning, I am at the computer in the basement!

Who am I... said...

Love, love the tulips!