Friday, April 29, 2011

A Princess Wedding

Last night the girls and I had so. much. fun. We were sleepy, but wouldn't have traded it. How often do you get to watch a REAL princess wedding with your little girls? I woke the girls up at 2 :30 and we had tea and cookies while watching the Royal Family arrive and then watching the ceremony (Yep, Dash was not one to be left out.  He had fun, too!) and then watched the parade as they left Westminster Abbey. I will never forget getting up with my mom in the middle of the night to watch Princess Diana get married, and couldn't pass up the chance to have the same experience with the girls. We all had fun looking at the dresses and I must have heard "check out THAT hat!" at least 20 times. The girls desperately wanted to stay up for the kiss, but seeing as that was over an hour after the ceremony, I told them we'd have to watch the kiss in the morning. (And we did, first thing.) Amarra loved the queen's yellow ensemble and Elora could not get over the fact that Queen Elizabeth is married to Prince Phillip, just like Sleeping Beauty.  Seleia and I sighed over the beautiful gown, tiara and veil as she talked about what she wants at her wedding someday. (I have a feeling that someday will come way too soon!)  Ahh, there's nothing like a real, live fairytale to spark a girl's imagination.

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