Saturday, April 2, 2011

Finding Spring

Seleia and Elora started the spring semester yesterday at Northwest Children's Theater. Seleia is taking a "write your own melodrama" course and Elora is in a Frog & Toad play lab entitled Finding Spring. (Save the date, folks, they'll both be performing on Friday, June 3rd.) How fitting that during their class Amarra, Dashiell and I wandered around Northwest Portland finding, well.....Spring! We had an actual day of sun! As we walked around running a few errands and heading to the playground Amarra collected mementos of springtime: flowers, leaves, pine cones, more flowers. Blossoms were everywhere, and the sky had been so gray that before yesterday no one had really even noticed they were there! "Mama!" she shouted, "Take my picture by all of this green! It's my favorite!"  Her collection filled all of the nooks and crannies on the stroller by the time we left the park.  I love such simple reminders of the beauty around us! Nothing compares to the awe and perspective of a child.


Amy said...

Hi Melanie! How I love the blogworld and seeing what people are up to - it's so neat to see your beautiful family! Funny that we both have three girls, we will not be having that last boy however:) We were pretty sure we would just keep having girls and there is enough drama in our household!
Thanks for saying hi, so good to see you!

Who am I... said...

Amarra looks so happy having this special time!