Saturday, April 2, 2011

Horseshoe Lake

Spring in the Northwest has been consistent if nothing else.............45 degrees, gray and raining. (Okay, except for the March SNOW.) Yesterday we saw this big, shining yellow thing in the sky and were thrown off until we realized that it was the sun. It was beautiful. The kiddos and I headed to Horseshoe Lake Park (Dash's first trip there) for the afternoon and Joel came and met us there when he got off of work.  The girls wanted desperately to bring their sand toys and wear their swimsuits (after all, 65 degrees felt downright balmy) but settled for wearing shorts and wading in the water.  Amarra insisted that I take her picture as she jumped down on the playground as everyone ran back and forth between the playground and the lake itself. Little Man had his very first time on the swings and couldn't stop laughing. It seems we have another daredevil in the making, for the higher he went, the louder he laughed and bigger he smiled!  Daddy showed up while Dash was swinging and boy was Little Man proud to show off his new big boy skill! Then the girls splashed around in the water awhile before we went to the produce stand and headed home. The lake...the produce stand...the sun...I'M READY FOR SUMMER! Said Elora after getting out of the water: "I'm a little bit cold, but I don't care.  I  like it!"

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