Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beauty School

OH SO MANY pictures of beaming little ladies being pampered and feeling beautiful! For Emma's 11th birthday (Which I can't get over because I swear just yesterday she was 3 years old!) her mother had a stroke of genius and held her party at Elite School of Beauty. Hairdos and pretty nails for everybody! There were curls and glitter galore by the time these beaming girls were through.  Amarra wasn't sure at first, but then finally consented to getting her hair done if I stayed by her and, and she kept her (security) sunglasses on. By the time they needed to take the shades off she was having a grand ol' time, with 2 girls working on her hair and gushing about how gorgeous it was. Even Dash had fun playing footsie with Elora until Emma decided to take him for a walk around the salon and turn him into a bit of a party mascot. He kinda liked that, too.
For her birthday I made Miss Emma a fun little adjustable apron, and was pleased that it was a hit. She looked ever so fabulous, sporting it for the rest of the party. (And Shonna had fun bonding with Dashiell.  Best way to win over a baby and make him come to you? Give him a bite of cake every time he does. It was terrible and hilarious all rolled into one.)

Happy birthday, Emma!  We love you!


Who am I... said...

Such a great idea!!! They look so pretty too!

QCharmaine said...

SO much fun!!!! I never thought of a beauty school, what a great idea!!

Jersey Knitting Mama said...

How FUN!!!! Wow! Girl's dream come true!

melvin said...

Hello Melanie, I wish you a nice day.