Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lego Robotics

We ♥ OMSI labs. Seriously. The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is hands down one of the best places to learn guessed it: science and industry. We regularly take about four science lab classes at OMSI per school year, but this year we upped the ante and are doing 13 different labs. Lab number one was Lego Robotics. Joel took Seleia ans Elora and they all came home telling me ALL of the reasons that we needed to set aside $300 to purchase out very own Lego robot. (Joel found one a day or two ago on sale for the bargain price of $289. Not that he wants one or anything.)

First the girls got to "know" their robots. Elora's name was Orangie Peanut Butter, Seleia's was Blackout. They learned about how they worked, did a few simple tasks, and then came the computer programming. They learned to program the robots to respond to their physical commands and move from one place to another, with some turns along the way. Surprisingly, Seleia's favorite part was the programming. She added in sensors so that it would stop and turn when she clapped, etc. Way too cool!

The only disappointment?
"I thought we were going to get to take the robots home!"

If only!

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Who am I... said...

That is just amazing and what a cool thing to be able to be a part of!