Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dashiell, Daddy, and the Pumpkins

I know. Could I possibly TAKE more pictures of my kid and some pumpkins?? 
Yes, actually. You'll see more later.
I cannot express the delight that Dashiell has gotten from finding, climbing on, hugging, sitting on, and generally playing with these pumpkins. They're his new bff's. Having said that, can you possibly imagine how much fun his adoring daddy had discovering the pumpkin patch with him? These two cracked me up and melted my heart as they wandered the patch in search of the perfect pumpkin (or 12. I've lost track of the amount of squash currently residing at my house.)
This age with a baby/toddler is so much fun...the wonder discovery and awe around every corner.I can't even imagine now how different life would be if we'd decided to raise the kids in NYC, but as much as I love the city I would not trade this for the world. Every child should have the chance to run through a field, to help in a garden, to dig for worms. To play in the dirt. At least once. We are so blessed that I'm sure my kids take this all quite for granted.  I'm okay with that.  I'll follow these guys around a field any day.
And chances are, I'll bring my camera.

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