Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tooth Fairy Business

MOM: "You know, Elora, you really need to pull that tooth. The one behind it is starting to grow in."

ELORA: "Nah. It's okay."

MOM: "Can I wiggle it to see how loose it is?"

ELORA: "Okay, but just for a second."



M: "Here's your tooth."


M: "In my hand. Check it out."

E: *Pauses.  Gapes at newly removed tooth.*
     "MOM!" You TRICKED ME!!"
     *hysterical laughter*
     *Good one, Mom.  Don't forget to be the Tooth Fairy tonight."

M: "I won't.  I promise."


Anonymous said...

ADORABLE!!!!! And please, Mom, do NOT forget - it is such a drag explaining why you did! ♥

QCharmaine said...

Have you ever forgotten? I have! Don't forget to sprinkle some fairy dust.

Who am I... said...

Oh, my....they are all getting just so big! I Love the conversation and the toothless grin!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, so sweet.
Very smart girl you have!

Anonymous said...

OMG my comment went through,