Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Library Cards!

The kiddos went to the library last week... without Mama. Let me just say that I am always the one that takes them to the library and that I can count on one hand the number of times we've dragged Daddy-o along. So, when I was sick and couldn't come along, guess what else didn't go?  My library card. I've been trying to talk Miss Seleia into getting one for a while now (she wanted to work on her penmanship first), so this was her big moment.

And apparently it was Joels' big moment, too.

Now, when we married Joel was never much of a reader. He definitely enjoys reading now..he's just not quite as voracious as I am when it comes to devouring books. (Yes, I have to actually ground myself from reading sometimes so that things I need to accomplish, well, get accomplished.  I'm currently grounded.) I had no idea, though, that he had never had his own library card. I've had them in 7 or 8 states, for crying out loud. At least. I can still remember what my very first library card looked like...I was so proud! Sometimes he'll pick up material I have on hold, but he always just takes my card to do it. So.  Daddy stepped up and, along with Seleia, got his very own library card.

And Seleia's first book? Encyclopedia Brown. 

That's my girl!

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Who am I... said...

Love the picture with her eyes shining so bright! I remember my fist card too! Way to go Joel!