Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fat Quarter Napkins

One of the easiest ways I know of to cut down on both waste and expenses is definitely cloth napkins! With a family of six, napkins are in high demand at our house! The napkins themselves, however, tend to be expensive (ten dollars for one napkin? I don't think so!) and are often of poor quality...they shrink and mutate in the wash or slide off of your lap in the middle of dinner. A quick and easy solution? Fat Quarters! I'm not a quilter but I love to look at all of the lovely fat quarters every time I go to the fabric store. When they go on sale for 99 cents each I grab a few (I stick to a black and white theme to jazz up my plain white plates. They are all different fabrics but coordinate beautifully.) and head home to sew! Each napkin can be made in about 10 minutes!! They are already cut out for you, so simply fold the edges over about 1/4 inch and press. As you sew, simply fold the edges over a second time for a clean and sturdy hem around the edge. Fat quarters are 100% cotton, so they launder beautifully. And an added bonus? The girls love to pick out their favorite napkins as they set the table. When was the last time your napkins were fun?

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Heather said...

I believe I just picked out my birthday present . . .

Love you!