Friday, February 11, 2011

Sick Days

"If she can avoid catastrophe two days in a row, I might have a chance to make up my mind." 
-Marilla Cuthbert

Thank God for Anne with an "e", not to mention Matthew, Marilla and Gilbert. The past few days at our house have involved nothing less than terrible coughs, runny noses, 104 degree fevers and excessive, umm, discharging if bodily fluids. At the moment my living room is a jumble of pillows, blankets, tissues, cups of tea and listless girls. Hence, the Anne Shirley marathon has commenced. Now that they're actually eating frozen Stonyfield Squeezers and attempting some fluids I'm sure we're out of the woods, but some time with our favorite kindred spirits can't help but cheer everyone else up, eh?  (Did I mention that the baby is also teething?) Now, if you'll excuse me, Anne has lost her temper again and I need to go watch Gilbert profess how sorry he is.

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Saerwn said...

I am sorry you are all sick, but that sounds like an awful lot of fun! I never thought of a Anne ( with an "e") Marathon. :)
Maybe I can go convice mom to have a LOTR marathon. :)