Thursday, July 21, 2011

All On Her Own

My little Elora is getting so big! Last night I heard squeals of glee followed by some sort of giddy exclamations about a tooth. Lo and behold, Miss Elora had pulled out tooth #3 all on her own! "I did it all by myself!! It didn't even hurt or anything!" (Some of you may recall, we had to force the first two baby teeth out a bit as their grown-up replacements were growing in behind them.) We got out the ritual tooth pillow (mine from when I was a little girl) and Elora put the baby tooth ever-so-carefully into the pocket and tucked it behind her pillow with care. Then she turned to me with a reminder, "Now don't forget to be the tooth fairy tonight, Mama."

(I didn't forget.)


Who am I... said...

So fun that they are using your old tooth pillow!!!

Anonymous said...

She is so cute minus teeth, and i agree with your sister, I LOVE that she is using things from your chldhood - even though YOUR tooth fairy forgot one time! She did make up for it, though!