Monday, July 25, 2011

The Magic Place

 My friend Jennifer's house is magical, really and truly. And its not just this house, (thought the giant trees, big fields, nearby horses and cemetery and big tree house don't hurt) it's wherever she is. The wooden toys, the gnome house, the bunnies, the room for imagination to grow, unfettered. Plus a few light sabers. The girls always love to go there. Rajah, Jennifer's firstborn, is Seleia's oldest friend. She loves him ("He is so kind") and always looks forward to their time together. The girls make themselves right at home (perhaps a bit too much, but at least they clean up after themselves?) and always can't wait to return. It seems so many places we go, public or private, children are overwhelmed with the electronic, the noisy, the over-stimulation and go, go, go-ism of modern society, and I have to admit that I love that my children's favorite places are places that they can make their own adventure. Places that they can just be.

By the way, Jennifer has a craft book for children being published August 1st. Prepare for a shameless plug coming soon.

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