Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm Boldly Going

I've been to Shakespeare in the Park.  I've seen concerts in the park. I've even seen the Dalai Lama in the park. But this summer I'm determined to go boldly where I've never gone before.....a Star Trek episode (Space Seed last year.  Khaaaaan! Amok Time the year before that.  This year is Spock With A Beard! Yess!!!!  I know, my geek is showing.  I know what all of the episodes are from their titles alone.  Thanks, Dad.) performed live out of doors, sound effects and all.  Local band Fast Computers provides the theme song and background music. The whole concept cracks me up! I've got to see this.

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Anonymous said...

TOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Mimi