Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camping Fun

For those who may not know, camping is basically our favorite thing to do. Camping on the water? Even better. We are so fortunate to live where just a few miles up the road one way we have a major city and a few miles the other way you're lost in the wilderness.
To say that Dashiell loved his first camping trip would be quite the understatement. (We figure he can't help it, it's in his blood.) The girls started asking all sorts of questions about their first camping trips and we realized that everyone but Seleia went camping "in my tummy" and all went as babies. Elora was our youngest camper at four months old, and is now also possibly our most enthusiastic camper. Makes you wonder.
Seleia, big girl that she is, had her first cup of coffee as a special treat (okay, so it was really partially hydrogenated international imitation goodness that I break down and buy once about every 3 years. I forgot the french press.) and you can see her beaming at the picnic table above. Really I'm not to worried about any growth-stunting nonsense with this one.
Elora created quite her own little world, wandering through the woods and naming the plants and animals.
Amarra was head chipmunk hunter and bug catcher extraordinaire. Do you like her all natural umbrella hat?
Dashiell, umm, loves pepperoni sticks. I gave him a taste of mine foolishly thinking that the spiciness would be too much for him and he would quit trying to grab it. I created a monster. He proceeded to yell at anyone who had one as if they were stealing from him and actually fought Seleia a few times to try to get hers...I guess he felt the need to have one in each hand.  Crazy kid.

Now we just can't wait to go back......

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Who am I... said...

Love all the pictures! So wish we lived where we all could camp together. :)