Saturday, July 2, 2011

P J Day

Its amazing how excited kids get about wearing their pajamas out in public. It also gave me one of those moments of realization about my own neuroses, as I wouldn't let them wear the ones they slept in and I actually ironed the pajamas they wore to VBS. (Gee thanks, Mom.) Seleia wore her favorite Ice Cream pj's, Amarra went decked in flamingos, and Elora felt the need to dress up her favorite "rainbow-ie" night gown with a red sequin beret. Of course. I even decided to be a good sport and wore pajama pants with my class t-shirt. (If you know me at all, you know this was big for me. I'm decidedly not a fan of the pj's in public, but the kids thought the fact that I wore them was pretty darn cool.)


Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like fun, well done for joining in and wearing pjs out too and wow what can I say Elora red sequin beret I think you may have a little fashionista on your hands, I’m impressed!

Who am I... said...

LOVE all the smiles in these pictures!