Monday, December 12, 2011

En Garde!

One of our favorite activities by far is fencing class. It is amazing to me the poise, confidence, and desire for excellence that children so young can acquire from this sport. Their instructor, Darius Wei, has an amazing ability to tell them, "No, not good enough.  Do it again!" with a smile on his face, and they will eagerly do it again until they get it right.  With a smile on their face. The best lessons they have learned so far: "Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent. If you practice incorrectly, that will be permanent. You must practice correctly", and, "I want you to fail.  Each time you fail you will try again.  You will practice again.  The more you fail, the better you will become. By failing, you can become great." These are the things all children need to hear, and do not anymore. Every boy and girl in this class, regardless of skill level, strives every time to do their very best.  They work hard, and they love it.
The fierce little warrior in the purple pants would be miss Elora Kay. The hard working duelist in the green pants, Seleia Vaughn. (And yes, on the days Dash comes to class he constantly tries to join in. There are a few too many others in the class for Amarra, so she's perfectly happy to hang out with Mama and cheer her friends and sisters on. And, yes, play the occasional Angry Birds.  Whaddaya do.)


Who am I... said...

Way fun...Silas would love that in a year or so!

Anonymous said...

I think its great that you have an activity/sport that the whole family takes part in and more importantly one that teaches them that practise makes permanent (very good phrase by the way, may start using it myself)