Friday, December 30, 2011

The Most Thoughtful Gift

This Christmas I took the girls to the Dollar Tree, each armed with $5, to buy presents for everyone in our family.  They got to select one item per person and had a great time sneaking around the store, hiding their potential purchases from one another, and occasionally sneaking over to me, who was at the time also hiding stocking stuffers under the coat in my cart, to ask my opinion or share with me a stroke of genius in finding a gift. They surprised both Joel and I with the thoughtfulness of their gifts! They really thought about what everyone would like and didn't give up until they found that one thing that just screamed "perfect". (And I should mention that they had so much fun doing it that they were downright giddy by the time we left the store!)
When I opened my gift from Elora on Christmas Morning, I was surprised to find a box of....Lemonheads?? Sure I've told the girls that I like them when they've gotten little boxes from a pinata or from their violin teacher, but I doubt the girls have ever actually seen me eat a Lemonhead. So I smiled, said thank you, and gave my sweet girl a hug. Only later did I hear the story behind the candy:

  "You know Mom, those Lemonheads are dairy free."
  "Yes, sweetheart, I do."

  "Well, I absolutely did not want anyone to have a sad Christmas."

  "Me, either. What exactly does that have to do with Lemonheads?"

  "Well, I talked to the girl in the store. I told her I needed to find something dairy free and gluten  free so my mommy could eat it. I knew you would have a sad Christmas if I got you candy that you  could not eat. And these were the best because they have real lemon juice in them.  I know you like lemon juice so much and that it's good for you! I made sure I got you only the best!"

What do you say to that? This seemingly meaningless box of little candy pieces (that it will probably take me a year to eat) turned out to have more thought put into it than I ever could have imagined. You know, I suddenly have a new fondness for Lemonheads.

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