Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Physics of Bridges

I found these pictures from a while back on my camcorder...forgot my camera that day! (The camcorder takes great video.  Not so great still photos.) Seleia had so much fun at the OMSI Physics of bridges lab! The gentleman that runs they Physics lab and teaches the classes is wonderful, as he is genuinely excited about what he is teaching and loves to share his love with the students. (He knows Seleia to be a Thomas Edison fan, and was sure to show her when he got his hands on a new (okay, very old) invention of his. He has a few now.) Seleia's team of girls engineered a bridge unlike one any students had ever built before, and it held up quite well to it's Hot Wheel commuters. He asked their permission to take a picture of it, and they were beaming. (The boys in the next group were not thrilled that he did not want a picture of theirs. Ah well.)
OMSI labs are one of our favorite ways to explore Science! This year we've built bridges, gone in a submarine to study sonar, learned about Lego Robotics (which apparently we will be doing more of!), colors in space, the "Art of Science" and how 3D works with the human eye, studied constellations in the planetarium and learned about charting stars, and a few more I can't remember at the moment. Next week Seleia and Elora are dissecting a squid ~Seleia loves dissecting!~ and the following week is "DNA demystified. OMSI is an invaluable resource to our home schooling, and is so much fun!  Look at my little scientist smile!

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