Monday, December 19, 2011

Trimmimg the Tree

We love our Christmas decorations. Just a few years ago I was trying to decorate while keeping a bunch of toddlers out of my I have a bunch of amateur decorators showing me how its done.  I love it. (Elora, in particular, has very specific ideas about how things should go. Do you like the TARDIS ornament she made for the tree this year?) It is absolutely one of my favorite evenings of they year when we pull out the ornaments, put on the John Denver Christmas album, and trim our Christmas tree. The girls have great affection for their ornaments and love to tell us where they are from, how old they were when they got/made them, the whole history. The placement of each ornament is special.
This year was bittersweet for me, as many of my ornaments and decorations were gifts from my beloved grandmother, who we lost this year. The antique birds and vintage bells that are among my very favorites were those she bought when I was tiny and gave to me as an adult. So many other ornaments  are in my possession due to her affinity for catalogs. If she saw something she thought I would like, she inevitably ordered it (hence the musical chili pepper tree I received three years in a row. It used to drive me crazy but oddly enough I'm rather fond of it now). I'll think of her every Christmas, and be grateful for her always.

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Anonymous said...

OOOh you've made me feel all warm and Christmassy inside!

I love it! what a beautiful tree and i LOVE Elora's Tardis, V cool!

That's the one thing i really miss is a full size Christmas tree mine is 3ft we have no room for a tall one.

Have a wonderful Christmas!