Thursday, January 19, 2012

Buggy Buggy Birthday Cake

For Amarra's Buggy Birthday party she put in a special request for some very "buggy" cake. (I tried to talk her into cake from the bakery, but when the answer is, "But Mom, your cake tastes so much better!", what can you possibly say?) We made chocolate cake for the "dirt" and some green whipped cream/cream cheese frosting with green "sparkles" for the grass. Amarra giggled and giggled as she and I placed the bugs ( two packs of plastic bus from the dollar store) all over the cakes. She then ever so graciously took the time to tell me what each and every bug was. (Mmmm, cockroach frosting.) Some people laughed their heads off when they saw the cakes, a few said, "Ewwww!", but everyone gobbled it up, bugs or no bugs! Amarra was simply in heaven. And really, that's all that counts.


QCharmaine said...

My boys would LOVE these!!! Great job, and way cuter than any store bought cake.

Anonymous said...

Amarra, Amarra, Amarra...... You should REALLY move to Georgia! Bugs EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!! ♥

Jersey Knitting Mama said...

That is an awesome cake!