Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Up 'til Midnight

This New Years we decided to celebrate with what we all needed most...the family time we were sorely lacking in after the craziness and bustle of the holiday season. So we declined the invitations of our ever so gracious and understanding friends and decided to stay home. This was the first year that the girls all made it until midnight, and we all had so much fun! After dinner, games and movies it began to near twelve and the excitement began to mount. We pulled out the party blowers, party poppers, sparkling cider and champagne and got ready to make a lot of noise. (And did we ever!) Daddy had all the girls in fits of giggles as he showed them how to make duck noises on the party blowers and Amarra entertained us all with her (frighteningly successful) attempts at playing "Manamana" while turning her party blower around backwards and sucking the air inwards. Everyone took turns with the goodies and with the camera (Elora even got a shot of Mama & Daddy ringing in the New Year right!) as we toasted goodbye to 2011 and all said our favorite thing about the past year and toasted hello to 2012 and shared what we looked forward to. (Funny, I heard a lot of people say camping both times around.) Then we headed outside at 12 to scream, "Happy New Year!" and have it screamed back at us, hoot, holler, shoot off the poppers and watch more than a few fireworks from all directions. It was so much fun to see the wonder and excitement of it all through their eyes!! And good little Dash, well he just slept right through it all.

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