Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Science Playground

While Seleia and Elora take their science classes at OMSI, Amarra, Dash and I usually head upstairs to play at the Science Playground, a space packed with sensory, motor skill and educational goodness specifically geared for kids aged 0-6. Amarra has a particular fondness for the pulley system and Dashiell, well, he loooves those bean bags! I'm just going to have to break down and make him some to play with at home. Simple pleasures, I find, are often the best, and in this case that definitely holds true! He will laugh, laugh, laugh while retrieving bean bags and placing them through slots of various shapes and sizes. Amarra, generally encouraging him from the other side of said slots, will then gather up the bean bag bounty, take them to the pulley, and deliver them back up to her brother.  Again.  And again. And them a few more times. I just get to sit back, make sure nobody (Dash) topples down the stairs, and enjoy the show. Everybody wins!

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