Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lilttle Miss Knits

Elora Kay has requested to share pictures of her knitting with the marvelous Mimi. Look at her go! I absolutely love sitting around watching a movie with my girls while everyone works with their yarn. Seleia knitted a beautiful scarf for a friend for Christmas and made me a lovely potholder. Elora is hard at work on her new scarf in her favorite shades of pink and red.  Amarra and I are working on a little pink teddy bear to love and snuggle. There is just something about working with yarn that is so peaceful and soothing, and I loooove their pride over a job well done. Just look at that smile!


Who am I... said...

YAY!! Such a fun thing to do and LOVE the scarf!

Anonymous said...

Elora - I am soooo proud of you! What a great scarf and knitting is such a fun way to do something you will have forever! Are you going to knit me a scarf for next Christmas????? I LOVE YOU! Mimi ♥