Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Moments

Sometimes it's the little things that really warm my heart. Those moments you happen to see as you walk past a room, those conversations you hear off to the side while only half paying attention. I sometimes get caught up in the rigamarole of the day; the running around, the to-do list, the things that so easily steal my attention. Then, in the middle of doing 5 things at once, I walk by the living room and see a sleepy Dashiell, sitting on his sister's lap, snuggling up, and holding her hands as they watch a few minutes of Kipper until dinner is ready. Just a simple, sweet act of love that otherwise might go unnoticed. But it stopped me in my tracks, and as I heaved a little sigh I just had to take a picture. Because the simplest, smallest of moments...they really are the ones worth remembering. They're the ones that matter.


Anonymous said...

Oh my - frame that one! You will remember that moment forever! ♥

Who am I... said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!