Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DNA Demystified

Did you know that strawberries have DNA? But, as the girls learned today, every living thing has DNA. They took the DNA from strawberries, mixed it with salt water and alcohol and watched the DNA strands attach themselves to bubbles in a test tube. Next? Why they mixed their own saliva, of course. These teeny tiny bubbles in a test tube had even teeny tinier little white strands attached to them, and DNA is so amazing and compact that what looked lite millimeters of the stuff would have stretched to over 6 feet in length is laid out straight! Seleia loved doing the chemistry of it all, mixing everything in a tube and volunteering to mix up even more at the front of the class. Elora just plain loved looking at the DNA strands appear in the tube! These OMSI labs have been such a great experience and the girls get so excited for them each week. Hooray for science!

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Jersey Knitting Mama said...

Happy New year to you! It's been a little while since I dropped by. Just wanted to say hi. I'm glad you all had a wonderful holiday. Look at your little ones. They are getting big so quickly! Enjoy! I'll be dropping by again soon.